Intex mariner inflatable boat

Durable and resistant, this is how users define the Intex Mariner boats available in our inflatable boat store. Framed within the Sport series range, it is a viable option for those who seek tranquility and enjoy long walks on rivers and lakes.

This inflatable boat includes a wide range of necessary accessories in the price, so you do not have to worry about buying additional instruments in the boat shop. When you buy this product, you will receive a repair kit so that you can solve any problem at the moment, without a small mess of anything preventing you from enjoying your day off.

To inflate it, you will not have to make great efforts since you will only have to use an electric or manual inflator, and after a few minutes and once completed, it will leave the floor wholly rigid and safe. Mariner boats prioritize safety above all else and have five independent air chambers between them so that if one fails, the ship can continue to float without any problem.

It also includes two oars made of aluminum, a very light material that facilitates rowing, so exhaustion after rowing is minimal. It has an adjustable handle that will help you remove your boat without effort to get it out of the water.

It is made with the most challenging and resistant materials on the market, which is proof of the high quality of the Mariner boat.

Excursion Boats

The Excursion line of inflatable boat is perfect for fishing and sailing on calm lakes and rivers. Belonging to the Sport series range, the top-quality materials with which they are manufactured guarantee their durability and resistance in your aquatic excursions.

All Excursion models incorporate supports for fishing rods and the placement of an Intex electric motor, allowing you to travel long distances. In addition, you will not have to worry about buying additional accessories because when you buy this product online, you will receive a set of aluminum oars and a manual inflation pump. Discover them!

Intex challenger boats 

Our boat store presents a boat designed entirely for sports practice since it belongs to the Sport series range. Sailing fans can do activities such as a simple walk through the calm waters of a river or lake. This way, we can see the versatility with which this boat adapts to the user’s activity without any problem. 

The advantage of buying boats online at Intex Iberia is that you don’t have to worry about purchasing the accessories, apart from the fact that they are included in the purchase package. By selecting this product from the boat store, you will receive a complete repair kit to solve any immediate incident and continue with your leisure activities.

It includes a Boston-type valve to inflate it, so you will not have to make great efforts when preparing the boat for use. Once it has taken shape and is ready to be used, the floor is unyielding and safe for users. When purchasing one of these boats, you will also receive two aluminum oars, light and adaptable, to avoid having tired arms the next day. Finally, in the end, it has a handle and a rope that make the towing action easier once you have finished your leisure activities.

Explorer inflatable boats

Focused on family fun, the Intex Explorer boats have several features that make them unique in the market. By buying this boat online, customers can enjoy a cheap way of sweet family outings.

This boat, which belongs to the PlaySeries range, has three separate air chambers, which makes the inflation process more accessible since you can do it from the ground with a pump without any problem. Once inflated, its floor is safe and comfortable, suitable for resting in the sun in the calm waters of a lake. 

When buying this boat online, you will receive with it French oars, which fitfully securely into the welded oar locks on each side of the ship, so there is no danger of losing the oars during outings, as they remain fixed on the boat at the time they are no longer in use. Once inflated, the Boston valve closes the passage of air and thus ensures the stability of the ship during use. 

It also incorporates a rope and a handle in the central part of the boat to facilitate its transport once the day is over. The number of passengers on the Explorer boats can be diverse since they are available in various sizes.

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