We are the swimming pool heater suppliers in Dubai. Heating the swimming pool increases the use of the collection and extends the swimming season significantly.

In our selection, you can find a suitable type of pool heating for everyone’s needs. The pool’s air heat pump is the most popular and energy-efficient option, which we have in our selection in both traditional and inverter models. With the heat exchanger, you can use the apartment’s heating source, geothermal heat, to heat the swimming pool.

When choosing a pool heater, you must consider that its power is sufficient to heat the water in the entire pool. Find out more at our Pool Store Dubai.


Regardless of your type of weather, a swimming pool heater makes it possible to expand your swimming season and enjoy the warmer water in the pool. Usually, the swimming pool heater suppliers in Dubai is installed after the pump and filter system are in place—the pump pushes the water through the filter and then on to the astral pool heater before returning the water to the pool.

ASTRAL POOL Electric heater use the Joule outcome to swimming pool heating of your pool so that you can use it all year round even if space is limited. Our swimming pool heater use the most reliable and efficient technology to swimming pool heat the water.

If you are looking for a simple solution that goes unnoticed in spas and small swimming pools.

Infinite Leisure is one of the best Swimming Pool Heater Suppliers in Dubai.



The astral swimming pool heater is designed for use with swimming pools, spas and other similar installations. To avoid damage to the swimming pool heater it must not be operated unless it is fully flooded with a sufficient flow of pool water. An interlock is fitted, make sure that the spa or swimming pool heater cannot be operated unless the filter pump is running.

A temperature controller is fitted to allow control of the water temperature in the range 15 to 45°C. The maximum water temperature is limited to 52°C by a safety thermostat. A thermometer displays the pool water temperature when the best astral pool heater is OFF. When the heater is ON the reading may be slightly higher, depending on the flow rate through the water heater.

The astral swimming pool heater is designed to have a maximum operating pressure of 2 bar (30 psi). Exceeding this limit will operate the pressure relief valves located on the swimming pool heater vessel.

The IP rating of the jacuzzi heater is IP21 and it should be installed in a weatherproof enclosure with good drainage.

The swimming pool temperature will slowly rise if the pool electric heater has been sized according to our published sizing charts. Our Economy 7 charts are sized such that in early May (of an average year) an outdoor pool with a solar cover will reach the required temperature in about five nights. The actual time taken to reach temperature is determined by the ambient air and water temperatures and by the overall heat losses from the pool.


Regulations & Codes of Practice. The swiming pool heater should be installed by a competent person in accordance with the relevant standards for the country of use. In the UK these standards are BS 7671 (IEE Regulations, 16th Edition) and the SPATA standards. Electrical installations for swimming pools in the UK are classified as ‘Notifiable’ under Part P of the Building Regulations 2005. This means that a qualified electrician, registered with a self-certification scheme, must carry out the work. Alternatively, another person may carry out the work, but it must be notified to the local authority who will arrange for inspection & testing to be carried out.

Chemical dosing systems should not be installed adjacent to the swimming swimming pool heater. If installed upstream of the pool’s heater it must be before the filter. If installed downstream, a check valve must be fitted to prevent backflow of chemicals when the filter pump is not operating. There should be a drop in level between the pipe leaving the heater and entering the dosing system.

The pipe system should have valves to isolate the swimming pool heater. A shut off valve should be included in the bypass to stop the flow around the swimming pool heating system when not required.

To calculate the exact flow rate allow the pump to run without the heater for the pool on for a few minutes and then take a reading of the thermometer. Then switch the heater on and allow about five minutes for the temperature to stabilise before taking a second reading.


To allow the supply electrical cable to be inserted through the back panel, allow space behind the heater for spa equal to at least the depth of the heater casing. The least clearance above the electric pool heater should 400mm.

Flow direction through the pool heater is left to right, allowing the temperature controller to sense the temperature coming from the pool. The direction may be changed by reversing the probes of the control thermostat and the safety thermostat, as follows:

  • Switch pools heater circuit breakers to OFF;
  • Switch main power supply and pump interlock supply to OFF;
  • ove main covers;
  • Reverse two probes. Controller probe is situated at the left-hand end of the element plate; the safety thermostat probe at the right (marked with a short length of white sheathing);
  • Move the thermometer probe to the empty pocket on the left-hand side;
  • Reinstate the top cover before reconnecting connecting electrical supplies.

Pipe connections are stub flanges to suit 3″ nominal bore pipe (uPVC or ABS). If using ABS the solvent jointing compound must be suitable for both materials. Reducers may be fitted to suit smaller pipes. It is not essential to fit unions either side of the pool heater as the stub flanges are easily disconnected from the swimming pool heating system, by removing the nuts securing the aluminium backing flanges to the pool heater. In very strong installations, the studs themselves may be unscrewed.

Levelling Screws are provided for use in the four holes in the base of the pool heater to level it, but more importantly, they will stop the heater rocking on its base. If the jacuzzi heater is shelf mounted, the holes may be used to screw the heater down, either by bolting down with the packing screws from underneath or by using wood screws from the top. If the electric pool heater is linked with rigid pipework and is floor mounting, the levelling screws, together with the pipes and cable will make the heater stable.


To provide earth leakage protection, a Residual Current Device (RCD) must be fitted to installations involving swimming pools or spas. The RCD must be rated to carry the current drawn by the electric pool heater (see table below)and the current drawn by other items of equipment on the same supply.

Overcurrent protection must also be provided in the form of a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB). Due to the continuous high load that will be drawn.

The supply cable enters via the removable plate at the back of the swimming pool heating system. The plate should be drilled out to suit the size of cable gland used. Under no circumstances should the cable be installed through the metal plate without the use of a gland.

To access the terminals, remove the pool heater cover and terminal cover. The wires of the incoming power supply (L1, L2, L3, N and E) must be connected to the appropriate terminals.

It is vital that all wires are firmly terminated into each terminal; a spanner should be used to ensure that the clamps are pulled firmly down onto the incoming cable ends. Ensure that the cable is of sufficient diameter to ensure a good clamp is made and, if required, wind a length of the copper strand around the other strands to increase the diameter. After termination, check all the cables for tightness and replace both sets of covers.

The jacuzzi heater will not operate without a pump interlock supply that switches 230V ON when the filter pump is running. The life of this supply should be connected to terminal A and the neutral to terminal B of the heater. The supply must be taken from the last device switching the pump to ensure that the pool heater will switch off at the same time as the filter pump.

This pump interlock supply can also be used to further control the operation of the pool heater. A timer switch can be fitted to interrupt the supply to terminal A; ensuring that it can only come on during specific periods of cheap electricity. This is detailed in drawing APH 1319, together with arrangements for an override switch allowing the filter pump to be run continuously

Thermalec also produces a range of Pool Control Panels, which enable pumps, heating and all other pool items to be controlled from a single control box. All panels are made to order, to match the specific equipment. Please contact the Sales office for more details.


When using the swimming pool heating for the very first time (or after it has been isolated for the winter) it is vital that the spa heater is commissioned using the correct procedure. Failure to do so will result in serious damage to the pool heater.

  • Check electric heater circuit breakers are all OFF;
  • Check main power supply is OFF;
  • Check filter pump is OFF;
  • Check heater drain valve is closed;
  • Set pool temperature controller to less than 15C;
  • Check heater isolation valves are OPEN and water is flowing through the heater;
  • Check that the heater is full of water before proceeding;
  • Check that time switch (if fitted) is on and heater control supply is enabled;
  • Switch on the Filter Pump – Check the positive flow of water into a pool;
  • Amber pump supply lamp ON
  • Switch main power supply to ON
  • Red main supply lamp ON;
  • Remove seal from heater circuit breakers and switch ON
  • Red, White and Amber heater status lamps ON;
  • Set pool temperature controller to the desired temperature
  • First Green heater status lamp ON (closing of contactor can be heard);
  • After a delay of several minutes the second bank of contractors will close
  • Second Green heater status lamp ON (closing of contactor can be heard), two lamps now ON;
  • After a delay of several minutes the third bank of contractors will close
  • Third Green heater status lamp ON (closing of contactor can be heard), all lamps now ON.
  • Turn filter pump OFF;
  • Amber pump supply lamps OFF. Green and Amber heater status lamps OFF;
  • Turn filter pump ON;
  • Reset the time switch.

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