Regular pool cleaning keeps the pool in good condition and is easy with the right equipment package. Loose debris is removed with a scraper, any dirt from the bottom and walls of the pool with a brush, and debris that sinks to the bottom with a pool scraper.

Monitoring the chlorine and pH values ​​of pool water is easy with a high-quality pool meter.

Scoops, brushes, and battery-powered pool vacuums are all compatible with the telescopic arm. Find out more at our Pool Store Dubai.

We have also some automatic pool cleaners such as Automatic Pool Cleaner ARCOAutomatic Pool Cleaner ARCOMAX, Automatic Pool Cleaner Trx 7500 iQ and Automatic Pool Cleaner TRX 7700 iQ.

Check Out Our Dolphin Pool Cleaning Range Below:-

Dolphin E10 Dolphin Active 10 Dolphin Active 15 Dolphin Active 20 Dolphin Active 30
Dolphin Active 40 Dolphin Active 60 Dolphin Active Solo Dolphin ADVANTAGE Dolphin ADVANTAGE PRO
Dolphin ADVANTAGE ULTRA Dolphin Cayman Dolphin Echo Dolphin Encore Dolphin Escape
Dolphin Explorer E20 Dolphin Explorer E30 Dolphin Explorer E50 dolphin explorer e70 Dolphin M200
Dolphin M400 Dolphin M500 Dolphin Nautilus CC Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus With Wi-Fi
Dolphin Premier Dolphin Premium Dolphin Proteus DX4 Dolphin Proteus DX5i Dolphin Quantum
Dolphin S100 Dolphin S200 Dolphin S300 Dolphin S300i Dolphin S50
Dolphin Sigma Dolphin T15 Dolphin T25 Dolphin T35 Dolphin T45
Dolphin T55i Dolphin Triton PS Dolphin Triton PS Plus Dolphin M600 Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme

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