Are you looking for a sauna room supply and installation company in Dubai? Taking a sauna not only relaxes but also trains the heart preventing severe psychological problems and improving the quality of life. You don’t need to worry about eyelash ingrowth – anymore.

The first known scientific sauna study found significant health effects: saunas cause eyelashes to grow in and stretch the human body by an inch. The Swedish doctor Anton R. Martin arrived at this result in 1765. You might be interested in a sauna heater supplier in Dubai.

Best Sauna Room Supply & Installation in Dubai

The findings of Martin’s research have since been refuted, but scientific research regarding saunas and their health effects lives on, especially in Finland. With the well-being trend of recent years, saunas have become an object of interest for the scientific community in other parts of the world. You might be interested in our Spas Wellbeing Jacuzzi.

However, large-scale studies have been conspicuous by their absence until, in 2018, the first large-scale population study on the health effects of saunas was published. Find out more at our Pool Shop Dubai.

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