How To Design Artificial Lagoons And Lakes

How To Design Artificial Lagoons And Lakes

Designing artificial lagoons and lakes in a tourist resort or real estate development transcends landscaping since it contributes to the configuration of the environment and the activities that will take place. These infrastructures add value to urban environments, tourist resorts, and any significant real estate development, as they bring the natural environment to the city to accentuate its architectural beauty.

They are usually large-scale projects that can offer water sports such as kayaking, rowing, or even small recreational boats and provide spaces for swimming like in a paradise.

How are artificial lakes and ponds different?

An artificial lagoon is an innovative solution designed to recreate a paradisiacal sea, creating a trend in the hotel, public, and real estate sectors.

These oases are characterized by their ability to adapt to different uses and sizes thanks to the specific technology developed. It is a very versatile solution in which multiple concepts can coexist in the same project due to its size and well-defined spaces.

On the other hand, an artificial lake is a large body of water with ornamental and landscape use without a dynamic purpose in its surroundings.

What are artificial lagoons used for?

The lagoons or artificial lakes are used in tourist resorts for the relaxation and comfort of the guests. These are used to develop water sports activities such as swimming, kayaking, paddle surfing, or even sailing with small boats. Different leisure activities can also be designed for all types of public, creating a unique concept.

What value do artificial lagoons bring to the business or user?

They are high-value aquatic infrastructures for the leisure sector and offer many advantages.

The authors Leitch and Hovde established that aquatic ecosystems could be valued from four perspectives:

  • Owner Values: Values ​​provided by the facility’s products and services, such as aquatic plants, water, etc.
  • Values ​​for users: Values ​​such as fun or water quality.
  • Values ​​for the region: Values ​​related to the economic performance generated by the commercial activity carried out in the facility.
  • Values ​​for society: Values ​​are the sum of the values ​​for the users and the owners.

All these values ​​are met in the case of artificial lagoons, such as those that can be built in tourist resorts or real estate projects.

They bring benefits to the property, the users who enjoy them, the geographical region, and society.

The value of the lagoons

The solutions providing artificial lakes offer multiple possibilities and add tremendous value to the property.

They are very versatile and can be placed and adapted to different geographical locations and climatic conditions such as deserts, mountains, or cities, creating an oasis of pure and crystalline water in any part of the world. Are you looking for geomembrane suppliers in Dubai?

State-of-the-art custom pond designs create a “call” effect. This generates an increase in demand that translates into an increase in sales of the different activities and businesses in the immediate surroundings of the lagoon. In the same way, this equipment increases the value of the property and its development. Know more about lake liner, pond liner and HDPE liner.

Suppose you want to design or build an artificial lagoon or pond and take advantage of all the benefits it provides to your tourist resort or real estate development. In that case, we suggest you consult our design recommendations.

Design recommendations for an artificial lagoons and lakes

  • Geometry: The shape of the lagoon must be studied based on the natural environment and the desired landscape effect, the uses to be developed and their related activities, and accessibility from the surrounding buildings.
  • Temperature: Room temperature will generally be used, although some may require specific treatment.
  • Depth: Between 0 and 1.8 meters.
  • Recirculation time and water treatment: Each use and area will require a specific water treatment technology, always complying with local regulations.
  • Construction system: Compacted soil covered by a PVC liner sheet.
  • Regulations: It is essential to carry out a customized design for each project and comply with the prescriptive technical rules in any case.

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