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The Only Indoor Swimming Pool Company You’ll Ever Need

The Only Indoor Swimming Pool Company You’ll Ever Need

The indoor swimming pool company in Dubai becomes a part of your house, not just for a day but for a lifetime. It is one of the most convenient and luxurious ways to add value to your property.

The swimming pool company holds expertise in designing and constructing indoor swimming pools. An indoor swimming pool comes with many advantages and allows you to enjoy swimming for 365 days.

The Advantages of having an Indoor Swimming Pool in Dubai

Now let’s have a look at the good about indoor swimming pools.

  • Cleaning: An indoor pool’s cleaning process is infinitely more accessible compared to outdoor pools. The outdoor swimming pool gets exposed to the elements and gets filled with leaves, insects, sand, grass, etc., making keeping it clean a challenge. However, in the indoor swimming pool, you don’t need to worry about any of this outdoor debris. You can try a mixture of chlorine and saltwater to disinfect your pool from bacteria and algae.
  • Year-round swimming: Undoubtedly, this is one of the most noticeable advantages of having an indoor swimming pool. You can enjoy your outdoor pools when the sun is blazing. But what for those who want to take a dip in spring mornings? This is when an indoor swimming pool shows its benefit. It gives you a year-round swimming option, whenever you want. No matter what season, indoor swimming pool water temperature always stays regulated since the water is not affected by any outer weather components.
  • Privacy: Most of us do not like to be in public swimming pools. Because the public swimming pool always stays crowded, no matter what time you go there. Also, there is a big chance of getting infected with skin problems as it is nearly impossible always to keep the pool neat, clean, and disinfected. Your indoor pool allows you to maintain hygiene and aquatic fun for the entire family without worrying about the risks associated with redundant sunlight.


Being indoors, these swimming pools produce so much humidity; you need the proper structural support to handle this situation. We advise most clients to use plastic vapor barriers behind the walls or water-resistant drywall called the green board to minimize the effect. It stops the moisture from growing into the architectural framing of the room.

An equipment room is another essential consideration for constructing an indoor swimming pool. You need ample space to work on your hardware. However, our experts can have the best ideas for your space if you need more space.

Chlorine is another factor, as the smells of it are amplified. You may need a sound system or can use a cleaner or Ozonator to help with the smell. Check out our pool shop in Dubai.


Lighting options are very different for indoor swimming pools compared to outdoor swimming pools. Where outdoor pools get sufficient natural sunlight, you can add some windows, additional lighting, and a skylight to enjoy your pool. You can also install underwater lights combined with wall sconces but avoid overhead lighting. However, if you want to install overhead lighting, go for fiber-optic cable fixtures.


The proper ventilation system is essential to keep your pool smell-free and humidity-controlled. We always recommend our client maintain the humidity level at 50 to 60 percent and the air temperature two degrees warmer than outside. It helps to control the room’s temperature, humidity, and evaporation.

Moreover, evaporation increases if your dehumidifier blows air over the water, so try to minimize its uses; instead, you can blow the air outside the walls. Another way to reduce humidity and evaporation is to use an automotive pool cover.


The indoor swimming pool construction process has some significant differences from outdoor pools.

An indoor swimming pool construction requires a complete HVAC system. The entire process also needs to address the proper ventilation and heating. Where in an outdoor pool, the deck’s slope stays away from the water to keep debris and runoff water from going into the pool, an indoor pool doesn’t need any such things. Its decked slope face toward the pool without worrying about water runoff or debris. It also has an inward slope, which helps keep water away from the wall. Also, a building process of indoor swimming allows a wide range of material options as it doesn’t have to worry about freezing or thawing.

Maintenance comparison between the indoor and outdoor swimming pool

In terms of maintenance, indoor and outdoor swimming pools have some similarities but also some significant differences.

  • Where outdoor pools need proper winterizing, indoor pools don’t require any.
  • Where outdoor swimming pools need more care and maintenance due to their vulnerability to contaminants like leaves and dirt, indoor swimming pools need to be vacuumed in a week.
  • Due to the lack of sunlight, algae can be a particular problem with an indoor swimming pool, which is not the case with outdoor pools.
  • In the absence of natural sunlight, you must maintain the water balance and maintain the chlorine level by two or three times the average amount.

Additionally, as there is no use in winterizing an indoor pool, it is easy to keep it shut down for a couple of days for maintenance. Our experts can help you drain the pool and monitor the pump’s functionality.

However, consider us for our best craftsmanship and excellent services if you are considering an indoor swimming pool.

We believe in creating a place for relaxation and exercise while maintaining luxury to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Furthermore, if you are havnig swimming pool at your home, then you must require a swimming pool heating cooling system for your pool. Below are the some model of swimming pool heat pump that you may like.




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