When Can We Expect The Next Public Holiday In The UAE?

When Is The Next Public Holiday In The UAE?

Looking forward to your next day off? Many UAE residents are already anticipating the upcoming public holidays. Let’s explore the official calendar of public holidays for the UAE, which may include some coveted long weekends.

When Is The Next Public Holiday In The UAE?

Towards the end of last year, the UAE Cabinet, under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, released a comprehensive list of public holidays for 2024. This official announcement provides residents and visitors with a clear schedule of days off throughout the year.

Now that the extended Eid Al Adha break has concluded, UAE residents are setting their sights on the next official day off. The Islamic New Year, also known as Hijri New Year, is expected to fall on Sunday, July 7, 2024 (Muharram 1).

You might be wondering: Does this mean we won’t get an extended weekend?

Interestingly, according to resolution No. 27 of 2024, there’s a provision that states: “With the exception of Eid holidays, any of the official holidays may be shifted to the beginning or end of the week by a Cabinet decision.”

At this point, we’re awaiting an official announcement from UAE authorities regarding any potential adjustments to the holiday. It’s advisable to stay informed, as updates could be released at any time.

Upcoming Confirmed Public Holidays in the UAE

Upcoming Confirmed Public Holidays in the UAE

After the recent Eid Al Adha celebrations, the next official public holiday on the UAE calendar is Union Day, formerly known as UAE National Day. The UAE Cabinet has confirmed a two-day holiday for both private and public sector employees on December 2 and 3, which fall on a Monday and Tuesday respectively. For those who typically have weekends off, this translates to an appealing four-day break.

Following Union Day, the next scheduled holiday isn’t until the start of 2025. Continuing the tradition of recent years, January 1 will be observed as a public holiday, allowing everyone to welcome the New Year. It’s worth noting that January 1, 2025, falls on a Wednesday.

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