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Home Steam Room: Function, Usage and Advantages

Home Steam Room: Function, Usage and Advantages

A home steam room, also known as a steam bath, is ideal for cleaning the skin and relaxing the respiratory tract. In contrast to the conventional sauna, the steam sauna has a humidity of 100 percent. The steam creates a pleasant, humid climate that is less stressful for the cardiovascular system. Your steam bath transforms your bathroom into a wellness bath. There are different models in bathroom sizes. They can be adapted to the most varied of room conditions. So there is room for a steam bath even in a small or angled bathroom.

Functions of a steam bath

A steam bath for at home is a multifunctional shower with a steam function, which usually requires as much space as a conventional shower. That is why they are sometimes also called steam showers. The closed cabins have numerous functions depending on the version and are suitable for one or two people. In addition to the actual steam, light or aromatherapy can pamper the body. Most steam baths also have a rain shower, side massage jets, a radio, and loudspeakers. The steam function is relatively straightforward. The steam generator brings the water supply to a boil, and the resulting steam is fed into the cabin through heat-resistant hoses and nozzles. The smoke is repeatedly directed outside through a ventilation system so fresh air can enter the place.

The use of a steam bath

First, you should cleanse your body with soap in the shower before using the steam bath. It takes about 10 minutes for the steam to be heated by the generator and flow into the cabin. Your circulation will be activated, and you will start to sweat. After just 10 minutes, blood pressure rises, tension is released, dirt and toxins are eliminated, and the skin cells are renewed. A home steam room should not last longer than 15 – 20 minutes at around 120 F room temperature. The following important part is cooling down. You should not start with a too-cold shower, but instead, begin lukewarmly and gradually lower the temperature of the shower head. Start slowly with your feet and walk up the showerhead. After a cooling-off period of another 5 minutes, you should rest. A rest phase of 25 minutes is recommended.

Health benefits of a steam bath

A home steam room strengthens your immune system, cleans the skin, and clears the airways. Adding various essential oils and herbal essences also help with severe respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, and fever. Moist heat supports the elasticity of the connective tissue and helps to alleviate minor rheumatic complaints and relax cramped muscles. As in an artificial fever, all pathogens are destroyed, and inner well-being occurs. The skin is cleansed, supple, and deep into the pores. Switching between hot steam and cold sprinkles slows skin aging and even improves acne.

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