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How To Lay Tiles In The Swimmig Pool Walls & Floors

How To Lay Tiles In The Swimmig Pool Walls & Floors

There are several ways to cover our pool. Among them, the tile stands out for its resistance to humidity, zero porosity, and cost. In Ceramic Leveling, we teach you how to place a tile in a pool.

What Is The Tile?

Granite is a type of coating that is very similar to common tile, with the difference that it is smaller in size.

The tile is made of reused smooth glass, which has been melted at high temperatures and has no porosity. Therefore, water does not infiltrate through it.

This material is suitable for placing in areas with high humidity, such as swimming pools, showers, and kitchens. In addition, its installation is very simple, as is its cleaning and maintenance.

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Types of Mistakes for Swimming Pools

There are several kinds of tile in terms of color, finish, and texture. Among some that we can find in the market are the following: 

 Granite National and Italian

These two tiles are very similar. They are only distinguished from each other by the shape of their tips. The national tile has round or circular tips, making its installation easier.

On the other hand, the Italian tile has sharper points. Its installation must be done with more care to prevent an irregular or messy finish. You might be interested to know more about swimming pool tile supply, dealer & installation company in Dubai.

In Plates

This tile is ideal for facilitating its placement on surfaces. Commonly, they come in sheets with measurements of 31.6×31.6 cm. Because their tiles are already attached, their installation is faster, allowing us to make mosaics.

Necessary Tools For Tile Placement

  • Masonry trowel · Trowel with teeth
  • Manual cutter for ceramics
  • ·Electric cement mixer
  • Ruler or square
  • Tape measure or flexometer
  • Rubber trowel
  • Buckets
  • Sponge
  • Trowel

Steps To Put Tile In A Pool

Next, we will see how to put tile in a pool. Make sure you have all the necessary materials at your fingertips to work without problems.


Before tiling, we have to ensure that the floor and the walls that will be covered are impeccable and waterproof. In addition, we must check that they are level or smooth.

We must remove everything that could hinder our work, such as strainers, lamps, etc. Cover those areas with flexible putty.

Fix Cracks

We will have to rectify all the cracks, using a mesh to restore the walls. They are very useful for fixing cracks and other types of damage permanently. Our tile shop in Dubai has veriety of design and we are on of the best swimming pool tiles suppliers in Dubai.

Is There A Previous Tiling?

Before starting, it is important to clean the tile of any impurities and lime it may have. We can use a pressure washer and acid to facilitate the process.

Once the above is done, cleaning again with soap and water is necessary to remove what remains of dirt.

Trace The Center

Once the material has been cleaned and prepared, the first step will be to trace the center of each wall.

This will serve to prevent the tiling from being harmed by unevenness that may exist. It is ideal for drawing it with the help of a ruler, a level, and a pencil.

Adhesive Preparation

Choosing a good tile adhesive is important to prevent problems such as tile detachment, leaks, etc. Epoxy glue cement is a great alternative for this job.

When purchasing it, ensure it is waterproof and has great chemical resistance.

To prepare it, take a container and place it inside, add water, and stir until smooth and smooth. Let it sit for a while, as specified by the supplier.

To place it on surfaces, use a notched trowel. With its flat part, we will add the material, leaving a layer of thickness around 2.5 mm.

Subsequently, using the teeth of the trowel, make grooves to ensure that the tiles join properly.

Placement of The Tile

Once the adhesive is prepared, we will see how to place a tile in a swimming pool.

First, draw a straight, level line at the top of the pool. This will support the proper placement of the tile.

Now, we will begin to adhere to the pieces, starting at the top and working our way down until it meets the floor.

As soon as you have spread the cement on the first section, add them, always taking care to line them up correctly and giving them a 2mm gap between them.

Later, using a rubber trowel, press on the pieces to get them to join the cement well. Then check that they are level.

Repeat this procedure until you finish all the walls and floor of the pool.

Separate the tile that you will use to cut and add in small sections and slopes such as stairs or corners.

Obtain the measurement of the uncoated section and make a scratch on the tile to cut it using a manual cutter. Cut the pieces and add them to their respective area, taking care of the symmetrical aspect at all times.

Finally, remove any excess mortar or cement on the tiles using a damp sponge.

Fill The Joints

Once the tile has been left to rest together with the cement for about a day, we will grout. This step consists of sealing the expansion joints.

We will use an electric cement mixer and a container to prepare the joint cement mixture. 

We will mix until it is uniform, and then, with a rubber trowel and making passes in a diagonal direction, and we will spread it over the coating. We will do so by ensuring that it is introduced into the meetings.

Finally, we must remove the excess mixture. To do this, we will use the trowel again to make a few passes in a diagonal direction, pressing gently.

This way, we will avoid removing the mixture that has entered the joints and affected the grouting.

Clean The Leftovers From The Grouting Process

To remove the excess grouting, it is important to leave it for a few moments. After this time, using a sponge or float, we will begin to clean the tile.

Again, we will make smooth diagonal movements to avoid removing the cement from the expansion joints.

Clean Installation

After the above, we will let the grout rest again, according to the time recommended by the supplier. Normally, it is usually around one day.

Subsequently, using a sponge and float, we will make a final tile pass to clean it again. Once again, we will make diagonal passes, going through the entire coating until we finish.

In the end, the only thing left for us to do is enjoy our new pool with its beautiful tile cover. Now that you know how to place a tile in a swimming pool, we invite you to visit our online store. At Ceramic Leveling, you will find everything you need to tile your pool with the professional quality you are looking for.

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