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How You Can Build Your Sauna Using The Outdoor Sauna Kit:

How You Can Build Your Sauna Using The Outdoor Sauna Kit:

You might be wondering what tools does the box have? How should I use them, or what is necessary and what isn’t? All you need to do is plan how to customize the sauna room because I am here to help you build your sauna room using the outdoor sauna kit!

Tips for building an outdoor sauna using the kit:

  • The first thing you need to know is the installation cost. The average installation cost is $3000-$6000, but the maximum charge can be $10,000. But it depends on your choice of how you want to personalize it.
  • Next, you should look for a spot to place your sauna room. Look for a spacious area to enjoy thoroughly, and choose a leveled ground.
  • Because you are building the sauna room in the outdoor space, you should keep the weather in mind. You will have to suffer if the weather gets terrible and it rains; you might face the consequences.
  • The outdoor sauna kit has wiring, which comprises a light, a light switch, and a sauna heater conduit; these wiring items might get ruined due to rain, so you have to protect these by choosing the correct location.
  • Use multiple doors for ventilation.
  • It would be best to have a foil to protect the walls and the surface from the absorbing vapors. You cannot use anything instead of the foil because it doesn’t melt and is unscented.
  • Cedar paneling is done over the insulation to prevent humidity. Isn’t this an excellent option for those coming from cities where humidity is daily?
  • You can trap heat for the sauna heater using rocks, so you place the sauna heater with the sauna rocks. The water in the shower is hot and provides an enjoyable environment while bathing. Also, do you know that not using the stones might lead to a hazard? Yes, you read it right. The rocks near the heater help prevent fire in the heater. Hence, try building it a little away from your home.
  • It is preferred to have a cold water tub nearby to avoid any trouble later.
  • When you create the sauna room outdoors, you will have to face insects. I am sure you are willing to know how to prevent those insects from getting into the sauna room. The outdoor sauna kit comes with a cedar which works to prevention from insects. In addition to that, the cedar also helps in heat absorption.
  • Use fiberglass as it allows better insulation along the walls and the ceilings.
  • In the end, you can place the benches, but it is better to buy clear-grain wood. It is comfortable for your skin and doesn’t heat much, making your skin react.


I hope you have a clear view of what’s inside the outdoor sauna kit and the purpose of the items inside. Have you bought your kit already? When will you start building your outdoor sauna room?

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