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Factors to Remember When Shopping for an Electric Sauna Heater

A sauna’s heating effect is made possible by the sauna heater. This is why all types of heaters, particularly the electric sauna heater, must be chosen and purchased only from high-quality, reliable brands and manufacturers that use top-notch and premium materials.

Most electric sauna heaters in the market are made using 304-grade stainless steel and have a limited-period warranty. Electric sauna stoves also have varied power outputs. They either come with a built-in mechanical sauna controller or the optional digital controller found outside for activating the sauna heater.

This is why you must make the right choice when buying an electric sauna heater. While gas, wood, infrared, and electric heaters have pros and cons, the most familiar and standard are the electric ones for excellent reasons. Electric sauna heaters are simpler to use and are the most suitable ones you can find in the market right now, making them a worthy investment for those who want the best sauna experience.

Use the following guide to help you buy the best electric sauna heater for your needs:

Digital or Mechanical Controller

Do you want a sauna controller that operates digitally or manually? A controller is essential for a sauna to ensure the user doesn’t have to bother or worry about turning the sauna heater off. A built-in mechanical controller is cheaper than a digital sauna controller, yet these two will both work to reduce the risks of needlessly expensive utility bills or fire breakouts.

Power Output

You have to determine the power output of the electric line in your home and if it can supply the power necessary for running the electric sauna heater with the current appliance load in your home. If not, a 10.5 or 9 KW sauna heater might trip the powers supply out.


If you want to soak in your electric sauna heater’s warmth, you must ensure that your chosen product is reliable and safe. This is why you should buy an electric sauna heater that is CE, CSA, and UL certified and ensure safer surroundings.


The first thing you need to consider when buying an electric sauna heater is how big or small your sauna is. This is the actual volume of your sauna that will decide the specific model of the electric sauna heater you should get and if it is suitable for your available space. Those who want to buy a sauna heater must check the individual model and then match it with the size of their sauna.


Last but not least, the electric sauna heater’s weight is a crucial consideration because installing an oversized unit on the wall or ceiling with thin cladding might lead to a safety hazard. The electric sauna heater you choose must be the correct size.

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