The 10 best-selling video games in history

The 10 best-selling video games in history

In the 1990s, video games began to become popular worldwide. Many of our readers are part of what is known as the Pokémon generation. Others are exploring more contemporary titles, but all of these have a common denominator. Discover in this article the best-selling video games in history.

Best-selling video games in history: what are they?

Have you ever wondered which is the game with the most copies sold? Developers have spent decades racking up sales of titles we still remember. These are the most popular to date.

1. Minecraft:  240 million

Many times, the simplest thing is what triumphs. Minecraft is the best example that this is true and that the imagination can open up an infinite horizon. This popular game reinvented the industry by placing blocks and making tools. Just go to YouTube to see replicas of monuments and football stadiums (or entire cities) made by players.

The key to the success of this game is none other than its versatility. It is available on almost all platforms, especially PCs and PlayStation.

2. Tetris:  180 million

In 2006, the video game offer was more straightforward and smaller, facilitating the opportunities to succeed. Tetris is the best example of how the arcade genre is still with us. Today the pace of sales continues unstoppable, although at a much slower speed than expected.

Tetris:  180 million

The key to its success has been the ability to reinvent itself. When  Super Mario became a bestseller, they released a version based on the stories of the Italian plumber. Without a doubt, an example of adaptation to change.

 3. Grand Theft Auto V: 150 million

In 2013, the date of its launch, this title was considered the most expensive in history. Its development cost more than 200 million euros, but the profits have almost quintupled that figure. The unlimited action that characterizes this franchise managed to re-engage fans of the legendary  GTA: San Andreas.

The most remarkable thing about this installment – ​​which continues without a direct successor – is its realism. The graphic details are impressive, while the map is extensive.

Other popular video games

We all have in mind some titles that marked (or continue to mark) part of our lives. This industry is so powerful that it has always had options for all audiences, tastes, and styles.

Wii Sports:  83 million

To give you an idea of ​​the rate of sales of this title, in the first years since the Wii console was launched, sales of this game were equivalent to double the Spanish population. Of course, on the other hand, the video game was included, so it has a trick.

PUGB: Battlegrounds:  70 million

The concept of this game is straightforward: the player arrives by surprise on an island where he has to fight to survive. In total, one hundred players fought to get tools to get weapons and defeat others. Does this game mode sound familiar to you? As you can imagine, it was one of the beginnings of the  Battle Royale that is so fashionable today.

Super Mario Bros:  58 million

Interestingly, we must wait until this position to see one of Nintendo’s best-known titles. However, it also has hidden merit, which was released in 1985. We are talking about a time before the expansion of video games when the NES console was within reach of a few.

Super Mario Bros:  58 million

This is one game that doesn’t succeed because of what counts but because of how it does it. If we analyze it, it repeats the well-known story of the hero who will save his princess, who has been kidnapped in a castle.

The least sold of the best sellers

Until now, we have seen stratospheric sales figures. We will continue to see which are the ten best-selling video games in history, but we are already reaching the end of the list.

Mario Kart 8 / Deluxe:  54 million

In 2014, the steady and rapid release of Nintendo consoles hit a screeching halt. However, this title rescued Nintendo Switch and Wii U, which had just hit the market. It quickly became a bestseller, something that managed to save the franchise. Of course, the market has not seen new generations of Nintendo DS pass.

The key to this double installment (the Deluxe version is more complete) was its compilation capacity. To develop it, the creators took an inventory of everything that had worked in previous installments and added it.

Pokémon  Red / Green / Blue / Yellow: 47.5 million

In the eighth position of the best-selling video games in history, we have a video game that arrived in 1996 to present us with a new mode of fun. Although it has been surpassed in these almost thirty years by other titles, the concept has been maintained in the form of new installments almost annually. Indeed, you will remember that it was here that we met Pikachu, a character that no one has yet forgotten.

Red Dead Redemption 2:  44 million

This is the most recent video game of all that has appeared on this list since it was published in 2018. It is based on the genre currently having the most popular action-adventure. Inspired by the West, it has been highly valued for its open world and multiplayer mode.

Wii Fit  /  Wii Fit Plus : 43.8 million

As was the case with  Wii Sports, this release has a trick, and that is that it was included with the Wii console. It hit the market in 2007 in a bid by Nintendo to encourage physical exercise. At the time, it was surprising to show that what we know today as the gaming world was not just a matter of sitting down.

These are, in short, the best-selling video games in history. Which ones do you remember playing? Without a doubt, many of these titles have reached the new generations in the form of renewed versions. The future will show if they managed to hold on or step aside to make way for others. If you want to set your sights on the ps

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